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The modern parents' guide to sex talks that work! | taught by Amy Lang, MA

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No need to do these in order, trust your gut and go for whichever makes the most sense for you right now!

Seven Easy Steps To Make “The Talks” Rock

In the very first section you’ll build a foundation for amazing talks!


  • How you are the most influential and important part of these conversations
  • How to make the talks a natural part of your family life
  • How to make the conversations reflect your family values

And much more!

The Magic Sex Talks Formula

You’ll be ready to learn my simple formula so you keep the talks short, sweet and age appropriate.


  • My super-simple, practically magic sex talks formula
  • How to talk so your conversations are truly effective
  • An easy way to remember which area to focus on as your kids age

And a few other helpful tips!

Communication Tips & Scripts

Finally, you will be ready to learn the best ways to communicate with your kids!


  • The top three kid-researched strategies for having sex talks
  • How to stall before answering a doozy of a question (yay!)
  • Tips for keeping your kids safer from sexual abuse

And some other tricks to become your kids' most trusted resource!

What They Need to Know By When - The Birds & Bees from Preschool to Middle School 

They should know EVERYTHING by the time they start middle school.

This video explains what "everything" means - in detail:

  • How to avoid giving them too much information
  • What they need to know from birth to four; five to eight; and nine to twelve
  • How to avoid “loss of innocence” moments on the playground
  • How to keep them calm and connected while you chat about uncomfortable topics

And a bunch of other important and helpful info!

BONUSES! My Library of Webinars & Videos

Topics include:

  • Poison Porn - Your Kids and Porn (with Jo Langford, MA)
  • Girls & Sexuality: What Parents Need to Know
  • How to Raise Respectful Boys in a Sexualized World
  • Moms & Sons - Dads & Daughters
  • Gender & Sexualities
  • And tons of other topics!

And other helpful bonuses, too! 

"WOW! Because I took Amy's advice and started the sex talks when my girls were very young, I was their trusted resource throughout high school. I never thought I could have such open and honest conversations about sex and intimate relationships and be my girls' trusted and primary resource throughout their tween and teen years.

Amy is the ultimate resource and her style has influenced my parenting in such a positive way. Her answers are always on-point, valid and a lifesaver. It all seems so natural under her tutelage - and I'm a sexual abuse survivor.

Thanks Amy, for bringing a level of trust, openness and understanding to our lives that I didn't even know could exist. I can't even imagine where we'd be without her on-demand expertise."

- Mary Jo, mama of 19 and 23 year old young women

This is for you if...

  • You don't want the internet and porn to be their main sex educator
  • You don't want them to learn about from their friends, or worse, "Uncle Creepy"
  • You want your kids to share your values about sexuality & relationships
  • You want to do a better job at the sex talks then your parents did (a low bar, I know)

Or maybe you are a parent who...

  • Has no idea how or when to start the sex talks
  • Feels embarrassed and uncomfortable talking about these issues
  • Has a history of sexual abuse and needs extra support
  • Growing up had terrible examples of relationships & sexuality
  • Has parents that totally failed at this part of parenting
  • Wants their child to grow up to be a whole, healthy & happy adult!

Or maybe you simply see how sexualized childhood has become and you want your child to be the smartest kid on the playground when it comes their birds & bees info.

As soon as you purchase you get a unique username and password so you can access the entire course and can get started right away!

Amy Lang, MA
Amy Lang, MA
Childhood Sexuality Expert

Like most parents you probably worry about the sex talks - when to start, what to say & how the heck to say it! Sound familiar?

Do you work with kids? These days their behavior can be really alarming and it's hard to know what's normal and what's not. 

Before kids, I was a sexual heath educator and counselor for over 16 years. I thought I’d be amazing at talking to my own kid about sexuality. Wrong! I was a hot mess. Hot. Mess. Seriously. It was ugly.

I was so surprised at how uncomfortable and clueless I was about how to approach the topic with my son that I set out to learn how to do it like a pro. 

It turns out that talking to your kids about sex doesn’t have to be overwhelming or totally uncomfortable, even if you were sexually abused as a child.

And then I realized other parents probably wanted to know how to have easy and open sex talks with their kids, too. So, I created Birds & Bees & Kids and since 2005 I've helped 1000's of parents, just like you, rock the sex talks!

If you want to be the best sex educator for your kids, no matter your history, then this is the place for you!

If you work with children, you need to know how to keep them safe - and yourself safe from accusations. Part of my journey has been learning all about childhood sexual development, sexual behavior in children and sexual abuse prevention.

My clients include the US Air Force Youth and Family Services, Boys & Girls Clubs and tons of early childhood programs around the US. 



You have had a huge impact on me and as a result, on my children. I spoke with you about my son who does not want to talk about sex at all and I am so grateful. 

Because of your encouragement we talked about C-Sections and circumcision and he went from not wanting to hear anything to having a discussion. I feel so encouraged! Thank you! Kaja C.

Course Curriculum

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Chapter 1: Seven Easy Steps To Make “The Talks” Rock
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Chapter 2: The Magic Sex Talks Formula & How to Use It!
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Chapter 4: What They Need to Know By When - The Birds & Bees from Preschool to Middle School
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Bonus: Poison Porn - Your Kids and Porn (with Jo Langford, MA)
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Bonus: Girls & Sexuality: What Parents Need to Know
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Bonus: How to Raise Respectful Boys in a Sexualized World
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Bonus: Gender & Sexualities
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