Course Description

 Are the kids in your care as safe as can be? 

  • Does your staff know what’s really normal when it comes to children and teens’ sexual behaviors and how to handle them?
  • Do you dread talking to parents about these issues because they might freak out?
  • Can your staff easily identify “red flag” and warning sign behaviors in co-workers and other adults?
  • Is your organization as safe as it can be from sexual abuse allegations?

The Core Classes

Build on your knowledge of sexual abuse prevention and childhood and teen sexuality by taking these advanced Birds & Bees & Kids classes. Watch and learn on your own or train your entire staff!

Preschoolers, Private Parts & Playmates — Sexual Behavior in Young Children

Start off here, even if you work with tweens and teens. This course contains the foundational material for all of the other classes.

Talking to Parents — Engaging Parents in Conversations about Childhood Sexuality

Parents can be a problem when they learn their child has been involved in an incident. This course teaches you and your staff how to confidently keep parents calm and increase their trust in you.

Over-Sexualized Childhood — What Happened, the Impact on Kids and What to Do About It

Childhood has become so “sexy” and it’s not good for kids. This course will help you and your staff keep the kids in your care kids a little while longer.

Teenagers & Sexuality — What’s Typical, What’s Not, How to Respond and Your Role

Teens are inundated with sexual messaging and their behavior reflects this. Learn how to help them navigate the tricky world of sexuality without putting yourself at risk.  

Kid-Safe Workplace — “Red Flags” and Warning Signs in Adults and Staff

When your staff knows what safe adult behavior looks like and they are empowered to report unsafe behaviors in other adults, your organization is protected from all kinds of problems.

Bonus Classes

How to Talk about All the Genders and All the Sexualities with Children & Teens 

We have so much new and challenging information about gender and sexuality these days it’s very important you and your staff understand what’s going on so that you can fully support the kids (and families) in your care.

Birds & Bees & Kids — The Basics

If your parents are wondering when and how to start the sex talks, this is the perfect video for them – and you! I cover why, when and how to start the talks and give tips and strategies for talking to kids from preschool to middle school.

Free Info! Downloadable!

As a thank you for taking a look at my course, I've made it easy for you to document children's behaviors with this handy-dandy form. 

Documentation Form

Have better communication with parents when you use this form during important conversations.

Parent Concern Form

Not ready for a full course? Download my Sexual Behavior in Kids handout and get the basics under your belt.

Sexual Behavior in Kids

Privacy Policy:

Sexuality & Parent Educator

Amy Lang, MA

Amy Lang, MA has been a sexual health educator for over 27 years. Her lively, engaging, and down-to-earth style helps parents become their kids' go-to birds and bees source. Amy’s books, online solutions center, and classes show parents that talking about sex doesn’t need to be totally uncomfortable and really can be fun. When she realized many of her clients were parenting neurodivergent kids she looked for resources for them and couldn't find any. So she obtained a certificate in neurodivergence and sexuality from Mercy University and created classes and courses specifically for parents of neurodivergent kids to fill that hole. She also provides childhood sexual development and sexual abuse prevention training for early childhood and youth-serving organizations, such as the US Air Force Youth and Family Services and Boys & Girls Clubs. Amy is still married to her first husband and they are getting the hang of parenting their recently launched man-child. She lives in Seattle WA and you can learn more about her work at or

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The Birds & Bees for Professionals!

    • Below you will find all of the classes in this course.

  • 2

    Course 1 - Preschoolers, Private Parts & Playmates: Sexual Behavior in Young Children

    • How to get the most out of this course!

    • Preschoolers, Private Parts & Playmates Video

    • Facilitator Guide - Use this guide to make the most of your group training!

    • Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens - English

    • Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens - Spanish

    • Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens Certificate

    • Spanish - Facilitator Guide

  • 3

    Course 2 - Talking to Parents: Engaging Parents in Conversations about Childhood Sexuality

    • Talking to Parents Video

    • Talking to Parents Handout

    • Talking to Parents Certificate

  • 4

    Course 3 - Over-Sexualized Childhood: What Happened, the Impact on Kids and What to Do About It

    • Over-Sexualized Childhood Handout

    • Over-Sexualized Childhood Certificate of Completion

  • 5

    Course 4 - Teenagers & Sexuality — What’s Typical, What’s Not, How to Respond and Your Role

    • Teenagers & Sexuality Handout

    • Genderbread Person Handout

    • Teenagers & Sexuality Certificate of Completion

  • 6

    Course 5 - Kid-Safe Workplace — “Red Flags” and Warning Signs in Adults and Staff

    • Kid-Safe Workplace Handout

    • Red Flags in Adults

    • Behaviors in Adults to Watch For

    • Kid-safe workplace Certificate of Completion

  • 7


    • How to Talk About Gender & Sexuality

    • Gender Certifcate

    • GENDER-Bread Person Infographic

    • Birds & Bees & Kids - The Basics

    • 7 Seven Steps to Make the Talks Rock

Teens challenging when it comes to sexuality! Learn what's typcial, what's not and how to connect with teens and keep them safe!

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