Course curriculum

  • 1

    Part 1: Seven Easy Steps To Make The Talks Rock

    • Video: Part 1: Seven Easy Steps to Make the Talks Rock

    • Guide: Seven Steps

    • Audio: Seven Steps

  • 2

    Part 2: The Magic Sex Talks Formula & How to Use It!

    • Video: Magic Sex Talks Formula

    • Visual: Magic Sex Talks Formula

    • Guide: Flower of Love - A New Way to Think about the Sex Talks

    • Audio: Magic Sex Talks Formula

  • 3

    Part 3: Communication Tips & Scripts

    • Video: Communication

    • Guide: Sexual Values & Attitudes

    • Questions Young People Ask

    • Top Twenty Sex-Talk Tips for Parents

  • 4

    Ages & Stages: What They Need to Know from Preschool to Middle School

    • Video: What They Need to Know from Preschool to Middle School

    • Guide: What They Need to Know by When

    • Two-to-Five-Year-Olds

    • Six-to-Nine-Year-Olds

    • Ten-to-Twelve-Year-Olds

    • Middle Schoolers

    • Questions From Kids

  • 5

    Pornography & Online Safety

    • Video: Porn Prep for Parents - How to prepare your kid (and yourself) for exposure

    • Video: Poison Porn Your Kids and Porn with Jo Langford, MA

    • Video: The Nuts & Bolts of Online Safety with Lisa Honold

    • Guide: How The Talk Can Keep Your Kids Safer Online

    • Guide: Porn Prep for Parents

    • Guide: Porn Scripts

    • Monitoring and Filtering Products

    • Resource: Family Cell Phone Contract

    • Sex Ed Games

  • 6

    Puberty Prep for Parents

    • Coming Soon! New and Improved Puberty Prep for Boys and Girls Classes

    • Video: Puberty Particulars: How to help them (and you) handle this big change

    • Guide: Puberty Prep for Parents

  • 7

    LGBTQ+ Kids

    • Video & Resources: How to Talk with LGBTQ+ Kids About Sex

    • Video & Resources: Gender & Sexualities

    • Guide: The Gender Unicorn

  • 8

    Developmentally Unique Kids

    • Video: How to Talk About Sex with Developmentally Unique Kids

    • Resources & Books

  • 9

    Hump Day Quick Videos (Once a month we cover a different topic)

    • Video: Orgasms (and a bonus!)

    • Video: How to talk to people with penises about periods

    • Video: Masturbation

    • Video: Oral Sex

    • Video: Hooking up

    • Video: What to do when they talk about sex at school

    • Video: Monitoring & filtering

    • Video: First time sex

    • Video: Genders

    • Handout: Gender

    • Handout: The Gender Unicorn

    • Video: Sexual Identities and Attraction

    • Handout: Sexual Identities and Attractions

    • Video: How to talk about first time sex

    • Video: Physical Attraction

    • Video: How to talk about your sexual history

    • Video: Unprotected sex

    • Video: Wet dreams

  • 10

    Deep Dive Classes

    • Video: Sexualized Culture

    • Video & Guide: How to Talk About STIs

    • Video & Guide: Dads & Daughters

    • Guide: 15 New Rules for Boys Sexual Health

    • Video: Teen Girls & Sexual Attraction

  • 11

    Sex Talks With Tweens book exerpt: How to talk about pleasure!

    • Pleasure! Excerpt from Sex Talks with Tweens

  • 12

    Sexual Abuse Prevention Information & Resources

    • Video: Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens

    • Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens

    • Sexual abuse prevention organizations & books for you

    • Guide: How To Spot a Predator

  • 13

    Bonus Videos & Guides

    • Video: 5 Must-Have Back-to-School Birds & Bees Talks

    • Guide: "Homeschool" projects for K - 2nd graders

    • Guide: "Homeschool" projects for 3rd - 5th+ graders

    • Video & Resources: Summer Camp Safety for Elementary Kiddos

  • 14

    My Favorite Resources

    • Resources

Sexuality & Parent Educator

Amy Lang, MA

Amy Lang, MA has been a sexual health educator for over 27 years. Her lively, engaging, and down-to-earth style helps parents become their kids' go-to birds and bees source. Amy’s books, online solutions center, and classes show parents that talking about sex doesn’t need to be totally uncomfortable and really can be fun. When she realized many of her clients were parenting neurodivergent kids she looked for resources for them and couldn't find any. So she obtained a certificate in neurodivergence and sexuality from Mercy University and created classes and courses specifically for parents of neurodivergent kids to fill that hole. She also provides childhood sexual development and sexual abuse prevention training for early childhood and youth-serving organizations, such as the US Air Force Youth and Family Services and Boys & Girls Clubs. Amy is still married to her first husband and they are getting the hang of parenting their recently launched man-child. She lives in Seattle WA and you can learn more about her work at or