Course Description

Childhood Sexuality Expert

Amy Lang, MA

Nationally known sexuality educator, speaker and author Amy Lang, MA helps early childhood education professionals, childcare providers, teachers and anyone who works with kids discover talking to kids about sexuality, their bodies and safety doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming. Her engaging, humorous and inspiring style shows adults how to turn conversations and situations they dread into something they can handle like a pro. Amy is an expert in childhood sexuality and sexual abuse prevention.Her research-based presentations are informed by her background in adult education and designed for optimal learning. She is a Darkness to Light facilitator and Amy’s clients include the US Air Force Youth and Family Services programs, Boys & Girls Clubs, Navajo County Arizona Public Health and multiple AEYCs around the US.Though her business, Birds + Bees + Kids, Amy helps adults of all beliefs have easy, open and effective conversations about sexuality, love and relationships with children. Learn more at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course! Get ready to make the birds and bees talks easy!

    • A Little Encouragment to Get You Started!

  • 2

    Chapter 1: Seven Easy Steps To Make “The Talks” Rock

    • Seven Steps Video

    • 7 Steps Handout

    • Seven Steps - Audio Only

  • 3

    Chapter 2: The Magic Sex Talks Formula & How to Use It!

    • Magic Formula Video

    • Magic Formula Handout

    • Flower of Love Handout

    • Magic Formula - Audio Only

  • 4

    Chapter 3: Communication Tips & Scripts

    • Communication Video

    • Communication Tips - Audio Only

    • Sexual Values & Attitudes

    • Questions Young People Ask (and Answers!)

    • Top 10 Questions from Parents (and Answers!)

  • 5

    Chapter 4: Age Specfics: What they Need to Know from Birds & Bees from Preschool to Middle School

    • What They Need to Know By When Video

    • What by When Handout

  • 6

    Intro to the Home School Sex Ed Kit

    • Home School pep talk (watch this first!)

    • You as the 5th grade sex ed teacher pep talk

    • General resources: Bookstore & kid-friendly video sites

  • 7

    Home school: Official school-like curriculum

    • Advocates for Youth Program

  • 8

    Home school: Two-to-Five Year Olds

    • What they need to know at this age

    • Book suggestions

    • Video suggestions

  • 9

    Home school: Six-to-Nine Year Olds

    • What they need to know at this age

    • Book suggestions

    • Video suggestions

  • 10

    Home school: 10-to-13 Year Olds

    • What they need to know at this age

    • Book suggestions

    • Video suggestions

  • 11

    Home school: 14 and older

    • All the things

  • 12

    Home school: Developmentally Different Kids

    • Resources and book suggestions

    • Kids with Disabilities

    • Atypical Kids

  • 13

    Home school: Fun (and a little bit weird) projects!

    • K - 2nd graders

    • 3rd - 5th graders

  • 14

    Home school: Puberty Classes to Take WITH Your Kid

    • My favorite virtual puberty classes to take with your kid!

  • 15

    Home school: Online safety

    • Monitoring & parental controls

    • VIDEO: How "The Talk" Can Keep Your Kids Safer Online

    • How The Talk Can Keep Your Kids Safer Online

    • Be Heroes Internet Agreement/Contract

  • 16

    Home school: Sexual abuse prevention & resources

    • Organizations & Books for You

  • 17

    Porn videos and resources

    • Poison Porn Your Kids and Porn (with Jo Langford) VIDEO

    • 3 Myths About Porn

    • Porn Prep for Parents - How to prepare your kid (and yourself)

    • Porn Prep HANDOUT

  • 18

    Girls & Sexuality: What Parents Need to Know

    • Girls & Sexuality Video

    • New Rules for Girls' Sexual Health

  • 19

    How to Raise Respectful Boys in a Sexualized World

    • Respectful Boys Video

    • 15 New Rules for Boys Sexual Health

  • 20

    Gender & Sexualities

    • Genders Video

    • Teen Girls & Sexual Attraction

  • 21

    Puberty and Middle School

    • Puberty Prep for PARENTS!

    • Puberty Prep Handout

    • VIDEO LINK: Top 5 Things They Need to Know Before Middle School

    • AUDIO: Top 5 Things Your Child Should Know Before Middle School

    • Top 10 Topics for Middle Schoolers

    • The Gender Unicorn

  • 22

    How "The Talk" Can Keep Neurodivergent Kids Safer Online

    • How "The Talk" Can Keep Neuro-Divergent Kids Safer Online

  • 23

    Sex Ed Back-to-School Must-Have Talks

    • VIDEO: 5 Must-Have Back-to-School Birds & Bees Talks

  • 24

    Bonus Handouts

    • Birds & Bees for Parents of Preschoolers

    • Birds & Bees For Parents of Teens

    • Understanding Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens

    • Birds & Bees for Developmentally Different Kids

    • How To Spot a Pedophile

    • Birds & Bees & Kids Books & Resources List

  • 25

    BONUS: FREE Webinars

    • VIDEO: Atypical Kids

    • VIDEO & HANDOUT: Red Flags and Warning Signs in Adults: How to Spot a Predator

    • VIDEO: Sexual Behavior in Children & Teens

  • 26

    5th Grade Crash Course Video & Handout

    • Crash Course Handout

  • 27

    Hump Day 1/2 Hour

    • Sexual Identities and Attraction VIDEO

    • Sexual Identies and Attractions HANDOUT

    • The Gender Unicorn

    • How to talk to people with penises about periods VIDEO

    • Masturbation VIDEO

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